Friday, March 2, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge - Days 22 - 30

I have finally finished and don't feel like doing separate posts for each picture. I have had a lot of fun from this challenge. It has really made me think about what I photograph and how. I think I have grown a lot in my abilities. I would like to do a 365 challenge sometime this year. 

Day 22 - Hands
I really wanted to do the cliche heart with the hands for this shot. I don't have a tripod for my DSLR so I took two pictures and put them together. Not the nest, but the best I could do with my knowledge and equipment. 

Day 23 - Sunflare

 Day 24 - Animal

Day 25 - Something Pink
I love my pink 4-wheeling helmet. Hopefully soon I can put it to use. 

Day 26 - Close-Up 

Day 27 - From a distance
Not really from a distance, but it was the farthest I could go and have it still look good. 

Day 28 - Flowers

Day 29 - Black and White
 The husband and niece running. Not the easiest subjects to photograph.

Day 30 - Self Portrait 
My biggest project with editing software. Not sure how well I like it. I still need to learn lots.

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