Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August Goals

• Bike to work and everywhere possible. I biked to work almost every day, but was usually too lazy to bike anywhere else.

• Continue my hunt for a job. My internship ends August 26th and I would like to have a job to start right after the wedding. This whole starting a marriage with only one of us working scares the crap out of me. House wife anyone? I wouldn’t mind staying home and running the house, but I would like to bring in some money to help pay the bills. Especially my student loans.

• Read two books. The Commitment by Dan Savage (if I can find it) and Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert.

• Write at least one blog post a week.

• Finish planning the wedding. I would like to have very little to do come September.

The garden is producing some produce. We have had a few cherry tomatoes and one big one. The big one was cracked so I don’t know if we will be able to eat it. The jalapenos still haven’t done anything and the onions drowned. Maybe we will get some more onions planted soon. I have some pictures of the garden that I will post hopefully tomorrow.

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